I have been thinking of new ways to save brides more money so I have been able to lower some of my prices a bit. Please remember that these are not set in stone. Feel free to email me anytime to discuss options or other ways to save money.

As a rule, my bridal bouquets used to start at around $100 however, I have had brides who just want a bouquet full of white daisies or a bouquet with 4 or 5 gerberas in them. Those bouquets are easy to do and the flowers don’t cost too much so I am able to charge the bride significantly less than what I normally charge. So these are my general prices that can and do change.

Bridal Bouquets $75 — $300

Bridesmaids Bouquets $20 — $75

Boutonniere $7 — $40

Corsage $10 — $49

Centerpiece $10 — $200

Buffet Pieces $50 — $300

Alter Arrangement $50 — $300

Cake Flowers $30 — $200

There are other items such as flower girl halos, hair flowers, garland, and other items you can ask about. There are also delivery and set up charges that may apply. For more information regarding floral cost see the “What you need to know” tab at the top of the page.
If you are a bride on a budget, I have lots of ideas on how to save money and still have great style. Every so often I will be highlighting different ideas and arrangements that will save you money but look beautiful.


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